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• 8/22/2014

Theory on Episode 25 "Sayonara o Möchido"?

As you know, the OVA containing episode 25 is coming out very soon, in less than two weeks, and I'd like to poll your opinion in the little time before it......ummmm, "airs".

When do you think the episode occurs within the KILL la KILL universe?

The poll was created at 23:18 on August 29, 2014, and so far 3 people voted.

BTW. I just got my Limited Edition Volume 1 Blu-Ray set, and it is indeed awesome and I regret making the purchase.

(Seriously, the Blu-ray barely looks better than the DVD.  Or the 720p mp4's on my PS3, for that matter.)

With four episodes, it pretty much felt like buying an anime DVD whilst in a retail environment in Japan.

Nonetheless, I did film the unboxing, and may (or may not) Youtube it soon, with appropriate background music, of course.ourse.

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• 8/26/2014

Episode 25 takes place before the time jump in Episode 24 (i.e. Honnōji Academy being destroyed/sunken, Satsuki's hair being cut, etc.)

• 8/29/2014

The "Graduation" theme makes sense, IF you take the name of the OVA's theme song quite literally.  

However, if other factors are considered, there seems to be an ENOURMOUSLY EPIC BLOCK OF TIME unaccounted for, in the span between "Tadaima, Nee-san" and the Series-ED-montage-Somenne-song in episode 24.

For example, Mako & Ryüko are second-years, which, unless that makes them seniors in that universe's Japan, means they have AT LEAST an ENTIRE YEAR to go before graduating high school.  

Thus, it seems to me that "graduation" may be employed more figuratively, as in the transferring out of and/or in the removal Honnouji Academy/Town.

Which also brings up the question, ARE the Elite Four and Satsuki even really students at Honnouji?  I mean, they've been pretty much running the whole joint since it opened, and I DON'T assume they attend classes.  

So, how can they therefore "graduate"?

(NOT to mention that Gamagoori is, like, AT LEAST 20 YEARS old, which implies certain......errr, "statutory" problems in his relationship with Mako...)

ALSO, if the episode takes place AFTER the destruction of Life Fibers (yes, I know that there's still the issue of Ryüko herself {e~e}*\ ), it'll probably be ONE VEEERY BORING episode.

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