Aikurō Mikisugi disgruntled at the name Dōtobori Robo

The Dōtonbori Robo, abbreviate to DTR, are battle mechs used by Nudist Beach. They first appeared during the subjugation of Osaka by the hands of Sanageyama's raid trip. The first visible Dōtonbori Robo was Kaneo Takarada's in the form of a golden crab.

Other forms of the DTR include the standard Nudist Beach Dōtonbori Robo form, Aikurō's commander DTR and Tsumugu Kinagase's heavily armored Green DTR seen in episode 20. In episode 25, the Elite Four got their own customized DTR's, which were created for the battle against Ragyō Kiryūin but not used because the Elite Fours "overblown resistance". They briefly used for combat against the false Elite Four, but the pilots promptly ditched them due to being too uncomfortable and difficult to control. Hōka Inumuta was able to control them remotely, though.

A common theme in the name is Aikurō's hatred of the name and his insistence on referring to it as DTR. Going as far as to type it in large letters on Hōka's laptop to get him to understand.


Gold Mega Crab

Gold Mega Crab is Kaneo Takarada's customized DTR. It is crab-themed, coated with gold and armed with bottle gourd missiles, a pair of crab-like claws, a flamethrower, and sticky substance that sprayed at DTR's rear, the very part which ironically serve as its weakest point.

Standard DTR

Mass-produced DTRs utilized by soldiers of Nudist Beach.

Aikurō and Tsumugu's DTR

The Elite Four Customized DTRs

Custom-made DTRs designed for Elite Four constructed following their alliance against REVOCS. They eventually used for combat against the false Elite Four. Although, due to the pilots promptly ditched them due to being too uncomfortable and difficult to control, they compensate by having Inumuta control them remotely instead.


  • The name "Dōtonbori"(道頓堀) might be named after one of the most famous places in Osaka known for being a former red-light district.

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