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Don't Stop Me Now
Episode 16.png
Kanji どうにもとまらない
Rōmaji Dōnimo Tomaranai
Air Date January 23, 2014 (Japan), May 16, 2015 (Toonami)
Ending Sirius
Episode 14
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Episode 16

"Don't Stop Me Now" is the 15th episode of Kill la Kill.


The battle between Kaneo Takarada's forces and Honnōji Academy continues. After having his citizens dispersed by Satsuki Kiryūin, Takarada unveils an anti-Goku Uniform weapon, the Dōtonbori Robo. However, the rest of the Elite Four appears with their new Three-Star Goku Uniforms, and Iori hands Uzu Sanageyama his new uniform as well. Donning the Blade Regalia Mk.III, he defeats Takarada.

Ryūko Matoi then arrives at the scene, and starts battling Satsuki for the final piece of Senketsu, the Seki Tekkō. Eventually, Nudist Beach makes an appearance in mechs very similar to the one Takarada was using, and Aikurō Mikisugi reveals his true identity to the Student Council. However, they in turn reveal that they were already aware of Nudist Beach's existence and Aikurō's true intentions, as well as the true objective of the Tri-City Schools Raid Trip: to uncover and destroy the Nudist Beach organization, which was hiding behind and offering support to the schools of Kansai.

The Elite Four transform into their Mk.II and Mk.III uniforms and engage Nudist Beach in battle. Meanwhile, Ryūko manages to transform even without the final piece, and manages to wring the Seki Tekkō from Satsuki's hand, at last completing Senketsu. She manages to fight toe to toe with Satsuki, and they eventually reach a draw.

With blades at each others' necks, Satsuki agrees to call off the battle and return to Honnōji Academy with the students, but not before Nonon Jakuzure destroys the Nudist Beach base. Their objective fullfilled, the Student Council returns to Honnōji Academy. Ryūko, Mako Mankanshoku, Aikurō and Tsumugu Kinagase gaze at the destroyed city, and Aikurō tells Ryūko that the time has come at last for her to learn the truth about her father.