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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Ep19 Infobox.png
Kanji たどりついたらいつも雨ふり
Rōmaji Tadoritsuitara Itsumo Amefuri
Air Date February 20, 2014 (Japan), June 20, 2015 (Toonami)
Opening Ambiguous
Ending Shin Sekai Kōkyōgaku
Episode 18
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Episode 20

"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" is the 19th episode of Kill la Kill.


As the Covers start to kidnap citizens from Honnō City including Mako Mankanshoku while using their life force to power themselves, Satsuki Kiryūin triggers an explosion to allow Ryūko Matoi to escape.

A month later, the Elite Four have joined up with Nudist Beach to fight against the Covers as they take over Japan, whilst Ryūko has remained in a coma since the battle.

Meanwhile, Satsuki is hanging naked in a cage and being held captive by Ragyō Kiryūin. Ragyō Kiryūin explains that her father, Sōichirō Kiryūin, had faked his own death and disguised himself as Isshin Matoi in order to raise Ryūko and prepare his revenge against her. The Elite Four soon take a stand against the Covers, using a new device to rescue Mako from her imprisonment.

When the Covers start to use disruptive noises in defense, Ryūko awakens from her slumber, destroying the Covers and rescuing the prisoners in one shot. She then shows hostility towards Senketsu, feeling she herself is an inhuman monster, and states she will never put him on again.

In the post-credits, Satsuki breaks off her fake toenails on her big toes revealing metal ones as she plans her escape.