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A Loser I Can't Hate
Nikumi Kirenai Rokudenashi
Two-Star Mako fights against Ryūko.
Two-Star Mako fights against Ryūko.
• Information •
Episode number #7
Original airdate November 14, 2013
English airdate March 21, 2015
• Production staff •
Episode director Yuzuru Tachikawa
Writer Kazuki Nakashima
Storyboard Yuzuru Tachikawa
Animation director Sushio (Toshio Ishizaki)
Advancement Yoshihiro Miyajima
• Music themes •
Opening theme "Sirius" by Aoi Eir
Insert themes "Light your heart up" by Aimee Blackschleger
Ending theme "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai." by Miku Sawai
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"A Loser I Can't Hate" is the 7th episode of Kill la Kill.


Ryūko Matoi enjoys a dinner with the Mankanshoku family and afterwards notes to Senketsu that these are the first family dinners she's ever had and that she loves them very much. The next day at school she hears about how many students have been starting their own clubs in order to become eligible to get better uniforms, and thus better living rights by trying to defeat her. Ryūko decides to start her own Fight Club, assigning Mako Mankanshoku as the club president to handle all the paperwork and meetings. As Ryūko increases the club's reputation by defeating other club presidents, Mako manages to earn a One-Star Goku Uniform, upgrading the Mankanshoku family to a better apartment.

Mako's determination to preserve her family's newfound happiness moves the family up to an even more luxurious lifestyle. However, as Mako becomes more serious about her duties as club president and the other family members indulge in their wealth, Ryūko starts to feel lonely as the family finds less time to spend together. Just as Ryūko decides to resign from the Fight Club, Satsuki Kiryūin gives Mako a Two-Star Goku Uniform, telling her to defeat Ryūko if she wants to keep her life of luxury.

Ryūko decides to take the brunt of Mako's attacks, which leads to Mako eventually realizing the error of her ways, deciding to disband the Fight Club and return to her life in the slums. Meanwhile, Satsuki reveals that by using Ryūko to purge the weaker clubs, she will restructure the Student Council by holding a reprisal general election.



Well, my mom died when I was little, and after that, my dad sent me to live at a boarding school, so...I never really knew what it was like to have a family dinner. And I guess I never really cared. But now, when we're all together like this and having dinner, the food tastes better. Like, way better! But what sucks...IS ALL THE PEEPING TOMS!
—Ryūko on dinner with Mako's family
Ryūko...did you think success would be like this?
—Senketsu on Mako's new fame
When I got to be president, I thought our lives were better because everyone was so happy. Like the whole family was glowing with happiness. But it was all a lie! None of it was real at all! We lived so blinded by greed...that's what the gleam was! It was plain old greed burning inside us!
—Mako realizing what she had done.


  • The name of the candy shop, "Gadiva Chocolatier", is similar to the name of a brand of chocolate called "Godiva Chocolatier".