Honnō City

Honnō City (sometimes referred to as Honnō Town) is an artificial island whose center top is Honnōji Academy.


Honnō City is an artificial island and it's city is divided into four districts that separate the poor from the rich. The poorer districts are further away from the academy and the richer ones are closer to it. There is a bridge that leads from Tokyo to Honnō City.

The status of wealth depends on the student's progress at school. The residential buildings that are delegated to each student and their families are based on their Goku Uniform ranking. The more stars, the higher class the student and their family will be.

In episode 25, Honnō City was destroyed during Ryūko Matoi's battle against Rei Hōōmaru which resulted in it's citizens evacuating. As it sank into Tokyo Bay, both Scissor Blades can be seen sinking along with it.

In the end credits of episode 24, Honnō City is later seen fully submerged at the bottom of Tokyo Bay.

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