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Matarō Mankanshoku
満艦飾 又郎 / n/a
Mankanshoku Matarō
Matarō Mankanshoku.png
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Short, light brown
Eyes Amber
• Professional information•
Affiliation Honnōji Academy
Nudist Beach
Occupation High school student
Nudist Beach operative
Uniform Nudist Beach guerrilla uniform (temporarily, formerly)
Weapon None
• Personal information•
Status Alive
Family Barazō Mankanshoku (father)
Sukuyo Mankanshoku (mother)
Mako Mankanshoku (older sister)
Guts (pet dog)
Friends Ryūko Matoi
Allies Ryūko Matoi
Nudist Beach
Student Council
Satsuki Kiryūin
Enemies Ragyō Kiryūin
Nui Harime
Rei Hōōmaru
• First appearance•
Anime Episode 1
• Voice actors•
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura
English Lindsey Eaton[1]

Matarō Mankanshoku (満艦 (まんかん) (しょく) 又郎 (またろう) Mankanshoku Matarō?) is the younger brother of Mako Mankanshoku.


Matarō is a short boy with brown eyes and brown hair tied into a ponytail. Generally, he is seen wearing a black shirt that slopes off of one shoulder, a pair of cut-off shorts, and a pair of white sunglasses.


Mako's delinquent younger brother who often steals things to get by, much to his sister's and mother's chagrin. He acts as the leader of the local troublemakers that dwell around in the slums of Honnō City. He also makes perverted comments about Ryūko Matoi and later about Nonon Jakuzure after The Great Culture and Sport Festival.


Matarō tried to steal Ryūko Matoi's wallet when she first arrived in the city and then tried to mug her with some juvenile friends after failing his first attempt to rob her. After Matarō witnessed Ryūko effortlessly beat his friends, he quickly apologized to her and pleaded for her forgiveness. Matarō had enough courage to try to save his sister when she was held hostage by the Boxing Club captain, Takaharu Fukuroda[2]. However, Ryūko stopped him and saved his sister in his place.

In episode 19, he is shown to have survived in Honnō City with Guts during the COVERS' attack after the 1-month time skip. He stated that he was looking for the suit that ate his sister. When his luck apparently ran out and was cornered by COVERS, he was saved by Nonon Jakuzure and brought to Nudist Beach's base to rejoin his family.


Ryuko Matoi

Mako Mankanshoku

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  • The name Matarō means "or again, furthermore, on the other hand" (又) (mata) and "son" (郎) ().
  • Matarō's surname Mankanshoku means "full, fullness, enough, satisfy" (満) (man), "ship, warship" (飾) (kan) and "decorate, ornament, adorn, embellish" (飾) (shoku), which literally means "full ship decoration" altogether.
  • Matarō's voice actor, Ayumi Fujimura, also voices Rei Hōōmaru.

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