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Revocs Corporation building complex

The Revocs Corporation (リボックス (しゃ) Ribokkusu Sha?) was a heavily influentional textile company owned by the Kiryūin conglomerate.


Revocs Corporation was arguably found not long after Ragyō Kiryūin's discovery of the Primordial Life Fiber. As of episode 21, the company accounts for 100% of global apparel industry sales.

Behind the façade of a regular textile company, however, the company's goal is to assist COVERS in disseminating Life Fibers throughout the world. Every piece of clothing issued by the company contains a small amount of dormant Fibers, waiting to awaken and feed on their human wearers.

In the light of final battle in Episode 24, Revocs Corporation is rendered out of business.

Notable Members

Former members


  • The company name is an anagram of "COVERS"; keeping the "S" in place, "Revocs" is the word "COVERS" spelled backwards.