Ryōsuke Todoroki
轟 輌輔 / とどろき りょうすけ
Todoroki Ryōsuke
Ryosuke Todoroki
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Orange
Eyes Black
• Professional information•
Affiliation Honnōji Academy
Rank Two-Star
Uniform Two-Star Goku Uniform
Weapon Guns and rockets
• Personal information•
Status Alive
Allies Various gunmen
Enemies Ira Gamagōri
• First appearance•
Anime Episode 8
• Voice actors•
Japanese Kiyohito Yoshikai
English Todd Haberkorn

Ryōsuke Todoroki is the Automotive Airsoft Club president.


Ryōsuke is a man with spiky red hair and small black eyes.



In episode 8, He and his men attacked Ira Gamagōri as he was transporting Ryūko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku to the nearest gas station to refuel their moped. As Ryōsuke Todoroki and the Automotive Airsoft Club pursued them, Ira stated to Ryūko Matoi that they aren't after Senketsu since they don't know how to use it as Maiko Ōgure learned that the hard way. The Automotive Airsoft Club were easily defeated by Ira's Three-Star Goku Uniform Shackle Regalia.

He makes a brief appearance in episode 23, after being extracted from within a COVERS.


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