Saburō Seiryu
青龍 三郎 / せいりゅう さぶろう
Seiryū Saburō
Saburo Seiryu2
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Blue
Eyes Black
• Professional information•
Affiliation Abekamo Academy
Occupation Guardian Student of the East
Weapon Azure Dragon
• Personal information•
Allies Tarō Genbu
Jirō Suzaku
Shirō Byakko
Enemies Honnōji Academy
• First appearance•
Anime Episode 14
• Voice actors•
Japanese Hiromichi Kogami
English Derek Stephen Prince

Saburō Seiryū is one of the Guardian Students of Abekamo Academy.



Saburō Seiryū, Shirō Byakko, Tarō Genbu and Jirō Suzaku fought against Honnōji Academy's raid trip brigade led by Nonon Jakuzure but their barrier was disabled by Hōka Inumuta. Tarō Genbu sent an army of high schoolers which were defeated by Nonon Jakuzure's "Music Horde".

Powers and Abilities

Divine Four Formation: Azure Dragon

With Divine Four Formation, Saburō Seiryū can conjure a Guardian to attack their enemies where his takes the appearance of giant cyan eastern dragon-like apparition, hence the name of his guardian beast. The Guardian however, can only move around the barrier where it is summoned.

According to Inumuta, this technique employs geomagnetism in the academy to envelop entire area with barrier the user placed at as the conduit, causing disruption in nerve signals of victim's brain. It is through this disruption that he and his fellow Guardian Students enable others to perceive their apparitions. However, said apparitions can be dispelled by scrambling the area's geomagnetism and phase space.



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