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Takaharu Fukuroda
袋田 隆治 / ふくろだ たかはる
Fukuroda Takaharu
Takaharu Fukuroda
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair None
Eyes Green
• Professional information•
Affiliation Honnōji Academy
Student Council
Occupation Boxing Club Captain
Rank Two-Star (current)
Uniform Athletic-Augmenting Two-Star Goku Uniform (current)
Weapon Boxing gloves
• Personal information•
Status Alive
Allies Satsuki Kiryūin
Uzu Sanageyama
Ryūko Matoi
Enemies Ragyō Kiryūin
Nui Harime
• Voice actors•
Japanese Mitsuo Iwata
English Ben Diskin

Takaharu Fukuroda ( (ふく) (ろだ) (たか) (はる) Fukuroda Takaharu?) is the Boxing Club Captain at Honnōji Academy, and was a Two-Star student.


Takaharu is a teenager of short stature with gray/light green eyes, buzz-cut length hair, and a noticeably missing tooth. He wore a two-star Goku Uniform which consists of a large pair of boxing gloves, a headguard, boxing robe, boxing shorts secured with championship belt, and high-top sneakers.


As the captain of the Boxing Club, Takaharu is always itching for a one-on-one match with anyone, especially if they are enemies of the student council. He is also especially proud of his boxing skills, and is more-so of the gloves that come with his Goku uniform.


Fukuroda defeats Ryūko.

Takaharu makes his first appearance when he intercepts Ryūko Matoi before she can attack Satsuki Kiryūin. With Satsuki's blessing, Takaharu engages Ryūko and quickly beats her down with the power of his Goku Uniform's iron gloves. He is then ordered to confiscate her Scissor Blade. However, since it had begun to rain, Takaharu slips on the wet ground as he continues to fight his defiant opponent, allowing her to make a swift retreat. Takaharu is disciplined for his failure by Uzu Sanageyama.

Determined to redeem himself, Takaharu lures Ryūko back to the academy by publicly announcing the execution of her friend, Mako Mankanshoku, for treason against the Student Council. Ryūko returns, this time wearing a scanty suit of armor, and the two engage in a formal boxing match. Thinking that Ryūko is trying to cheat by distracting him with her armor's sexual appeal, Takaharu retaliates by baring his glove's true, spiked form. When he uses it on her armor, however, his glove shatters and he discovers none of his attacks can phase her. He is swiftly and utterly crushed by Ryūko, who uses her Scissor Blade to destroy his Goku Uniform and send him flying out of the ring towards Satsuki, who is defended from his hurdling body by her attendants.

Takaharu later appears in Episode 22, along with other former club presidents, where he is revealed to be a victim of the COVERS. He then appears in the next episode, powering the S.S. Naked Sun's turbines with Mako Mankanshoku and the other club leaders. After that, he is visible in the final battle, fighting alongside Omiko Hakodate and others.

Powers and abilities

Iron Fist Pulverizer ( (てっ) (けん) (ふん) (さい) Tekken Funsai?)

His signature technique; used against Ryūko when she lunged at Satsuki. Takaharu shouts the name of his technique as he launches a hard right punch for a finishing blow.

Takaharu's powers match his boxing theme, such as spawning a multitude of smaller boxing gloves for a flurry of rapid left jabs or shape-shifting his right glove into a large, spike-covered block or spinning drill for a powerful haymaker.

Memorable Quotes

Yes, Captain of the Boxing Club, Takaharu Fukuroda. I'll finish this insolent wench off, with your permission.
—Fukuroda seeking permission from Satsuki to finish off Ryūko.
Behold! This is what the real Honnōji Academy Boxing Club Athleticism-Augmenting Two-Star Gloves are like! I bet you're asking yourself: "Why did he wrap them?" If I didn't, the challengers from other schools would be too scared to fight me! But when I bared them for all the world to see, I feel even stronger! It's my… Goku… Uni-form!
—Showing off the released "Goku Uniform" to Ryūko.

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