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Welcome You there, person to the first (and probably last) Kill la Kill Wiki Blog that's gonna regard a overhaul with the images presented and it's not policy regarding.

It's been well over a year since the end of Kill la Kill and this wikia have a overabundance of images from the show. Because of this, I'm going to do a massive image overhaul!

Wait, what do you mean by overhaul?

Well, it means that over 80% of the images on this wiki will be deleted and every image format will have an episodic naming + ordering and all included in a 1080p screenshot.

Example of a filename:


This the most efficient way because it's known which frames comes first and with the clear images, the character would be easily distinguishable (even though this isn't a problem at all).

Why do this know?

Kill la Kill haves no new content coming up but yet we're still seeing images from the first episode onward being uploaded, not to mention the randomize file size that can be from 360p to like 4k. Kill la Kill is native 1080p (Blu Ray version) and most of our images are back when it was airing (Kill la Kill aired at 720p). We also have alot of Absolute Horrendous image files that are pretty ridiculous.

So, who's gonna do this Image Overhaul?


Just you?


Wouldn't you like some help.

No. I have been planning this for a while since the ending of Episode 24 (yeah, that long) and I have now the resources to pursue it. I would also like the articles to get more attention than more images being uploaded.

So, what's the plan?

Throughout certain days of several months, images will be replaced episodically with the new images. File licensing and categorizing including. All image gallery pages will be locked for the meantime as well. The first out of 25 batches will start soon.

And there you have it. You can love it/hate it but the end result would look GORGEOUS! Thank you everyone for reading this and I hope to see your further contribution. Oh, here's a poll on your thoughts (btw, these are just thoughts so the top is nothing more than the bottom; nothing negative).